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Plagiarism in Hindi film music

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Ok, so lets take a different approach for this. No mud-slinging, no cursing. What follows are the originals of some recent musical hits in Bollywood. Listen to them and shock yourselves !! Hints are provided for some difficult-to-pick ones.

Prithibi – a Bengali song sung by Gautam Chatterjee in ‘Mohiner Ghoraguli’… Easy one to start with.

Ya ghaly – by Arabic band ‘Guitara’ from the album Qisati (2002). Another easy one.

Kal shab dekha – sung by Waris Baig. Ok, all easy stuff here.. the next one is a little bit tough.

Sacral Nirvana – by Oliver Shanti and friends. Wasn’t that tough was it? Hint : All 4 upto now are from the same movie.( the copied ones, of course )

Tak bisakah – by Indonesian band ‘PeterPan’. And you thought that was original ?

Tu jo nahin – sung by a popular Pakistani singer Sunny Benjamin John in a 1950s movie. Shocked are you? Here is some more info : the newer version is sung by his own son – Glenn John !!

A world of our own – a 1965 track by the band, ‘The Seekers’, composed by Tom Springfield. Now this is a bit tough. Hint: Same movie as the previous two above. The (original and copied) songs are thematically similar to each other, ie, similar theme in the lyrics.

Mera naam hai mohobbat – sung by another Pak singer Waqar Ali. Concentrate on one line and you’ll have your catch…

Ah Reum Dah Oon Sa Ram – a Korean song by Seo Yu Seok. Amazed? flummoxed? shocked? How shameful !

Ba’ed el Layali – by Amr Diab, a famous singer from the middle east. Confused? Need another hint? Hint: Same movie as the previous two above. Don’t look for the main catch… It’s not there.. Just look for the first 4 lines.

Di Belakangku – another one from Indonesian band ‘PeterPan’, and from the same album as ‘Tak bisakah’. Someone’s a big fan of ‘PeterPan’, no doubt… Shouldn’t be difficult to catch. A hugely popular song from a movie in which the leading man and lady have had a break-up in real life. ( Come on… I’m being too lenient ! )

Être Une Femme – a French song by Paris-based Indonesian singer Anggun. Actually, this is easy to guess, but to be frank, its not as blatant as some of the others in this list are. Give the poor copycat some credit, guys !!! (Hint for the dumbos : same movie as the previous one above)

Had enough? Here’s a last blow :

Sarang hae yo – a Korean song, by Kim Hyung-sub. Its as shameless as it could be, a blatant lift – tunes, background score, all. Still, a hint for you TV-starved people : The movie is yet to release !!!! (see the date of the post) And this track is the most talked-about from this movie.

OK, I think you ppl have had enough for today. I’ll be back with more some other day. And here’s my knock-out punch : all the above originals have been shamelessly ‘duplicated’ by the SAME music director !

( Info and tracks sourced at : ) Lest I be caught for plagiarism 😛 .





Written by timir

February 20, 2008 at 2:15 pm

3 Responses

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  1. hehehe, you’re right, looks like Pritam is another big fan of Peterpan. Too bad, he’s the bad fan. Otherwise, he would at least acknowledge Peterpan as the original composer.


    May 26, 2008 at 3:19 am

  2. I enjoyed your PRATIBIMB very much:-)


    August 8, 2008 at 5:29 am

  3. Really appalling!!


    January 3, 2009 at 6:48 pm

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