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Things DID change in Perth

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Hats off to the Indian cricket team. After all that happened in Sydney, to come from behind and beat Australia in Perth, considered to be the graveyard for all visiting teams, subcontinental or otherwise, is truly a marvellous feat. As I had mentioned in the previous post, things were about to change, but I would not have expected for them to change this quickly.

That Australia may come back hard and beat India in Adelaide may be another matter altogether. Especially after two of India’s batting mainstays have been demoralized after being omitted from the one-day squad. Poor timing of the decision, I would say more than anything else. Future is future, and present is present. “Learn from the past, keep an eye on the future, but work in the present.” : I believe in this philosophy. It would really be a show of the strength of character from these two veterans if they do manage to perform well in the Adelaide test after this.

For that, we’ll have to wait for another week. But whatever happens, this Indian team has truly shown its mettle and no one can take that away from them.


Written by timir

January 21, 2008 at 8:05 am

Posted in Cricket and Sports

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