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Knuth’s ‘The Art of Computer Programming’

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It is a Computer Programmer’s bible, it the most sought-after series of books of the current generation, and the books that have not yet been written are the most awaited books of the century!

Donald E.Knuth’s ‘The Art of Computer Programming’ series has fascinated, mesmerised and inspired scores of scientists and engineers. Before Knuth, programming was seen as a complicated, laborious, and most importantly, limited skill. With the advent of the first book of the series way back in 1973 (contemporarily with the development of C++), scientists and researchers acknowledged the immense power and possibilities of programming. It became an art.

Knuth himself says in his preface to the first volume:”The process of preparing programs for digital computers is especially attractive, not only because it can be economically and scientifically rewarding, but also because it can be an aesthetic experience much like composing poetry or music.”

Knuth initially intended to publish the whole work as a single book, but he soon found out that it was more important to treat the subjects in depth rather than to skim over them lightly.
The complete set of books has the following general outline:

Volume 1 – Fundamental Algorithms
Ch.1 – Basic Concepts
Ch.2 – Information Structures

Volume 2 – Seminumerical Algorithms
Ch.3 – Random Numbers
Ch.4 – Arithmetic

Volume 3 – Sorting and Searching
Ch.5 – Sorting
Ch.6 – Searching

Volume 4 – Combinatorial Algorithms
Ch.7 – Combinatorial Searcing
Ch.8 – Recursion
(Vol. 4 is actually intended to be published in 3 separate books.. Vols. 4A,4B and 4C.)

Volume 5 – Syntactical Algorithms
Ch.1 – Lexical Scanning
Ch.2 – Parsing

Two additional volumes are also planned:

Volume 6 – The Theory of Languages
Volume 7 – Compilers

The Current status of this project is that the first three volumes have been published. And other volumes, especially volume 4, are under preparation.

More on this at:

Students, teachers and academicians around the world pray for Knuth’s longevity so that he may be able to complete his works.
While Knuth, who will be 70 in January 2008, carries on doing his unparalleled service to science.

Here is the eSnips folder containing the first 3 volumes and also a part of Vol. 4 :


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