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Three-and-a-half breezy years…

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As the 7th semester of my B.Tech. life draws to a close, I look back in amazement at how quickly all these days passed. Seems only yesterday that I came down to Vellore with my father on a tiring two-day train journey from Gorakhpur, to get admitted. And now the there are just 6 months to go, and all those will be just project-work, no classes.

I mean, the years sped so fast that it was almost like a dream. If tomorrow I wake up in my bed at home, and everything turns out to be a dream I won’t be surprised at all. There is nothing in my mind to substantiate my stay here. Well, that is what it feels when I think of it for the first time.

But when I give it a second, hard thought, slowly all the things start to gush through my mind. I remember that uncertainty which used to loom large over me when I was in my First year. Uncertainty about my future, uncertainty about the present, uncertainty about what to do and what not to do, and so on. Things got better by the second semester though, and I learnt how to manage things without getting over-stressed, and also how to enjoy even in a seemingly desperate situation.

I remember the expectations we had when we first entered into our respective departments in our Second year. And I went into the erstwhile Department of Computer Science and Engineering, now more popularly known as the School of Computing Sciences after a merger with the Department of Information Technology. But all those expectations were soon put to rest. In hindsight, I think we just expected too much. And moreover, we would have been a troubled lot had those expectations come true.

The best thing about VIT, (there are just a few good things to choose from) is its so-called “cosmopolitan” culture. In particular, I mean the sort of mixing up between South Indians, Biharis, Delhiites, Bengalis, Oriyas, Rajasthanis, UPites etc., and most importantly without the kind of “group” culture we see in some of the other colleges. I really think this sort of experience  gives someone from VIT an edge over those who study in their own state.

It’s kind of strange that something which you hated a lot, cursed a lot, despised a lot through a good part of 4 years; you will suddenly start missing it a lot when you are away from it. How true, it happened even when we were going out of school. The teachers whom we cursed a lot became the teachers whom we miss the most.

But the one most amazing thing that I’d certainly miss about this place is the Sunil dhaba. Seriously, I am still looking for a restaurant that would match its taste.    


Written by timir

December 23, 2006 at 8:36 am

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