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Are you seeing “boxes” in my Hindi posts?

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If that is the case, then there may be two reasons for this:

1)Wrong character encoding. Enable unicode character encoding scheme.IE users goto View->Encoding-> and select “UTF-8”. Firefox users View->Character Encoding->UTF-8.

2)Absence of Hindi Unicode Font. Windows XP and Windows 2003 comes with already installed Hindi Font called Mangal.In cases where there is no Hindi Unicode Font available on the system, even the correct encoding will show junk characters. There are some very good publicly available Hindi fonts available. Please download them and install them on the system as per your system requirements.

A very easy way of installing Unicode fonts on your computer is to go to BBC Hindi site and click on “Hindi Font Download”.

Gurumaa (A GPL’d Hindi font by Rizwan based on Sanjay Khatri’s font)


Written by timir

August 16, 2006 at 8:41 am

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