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Alvida, KANK…

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…and also all the coming Karan Johar movies. I ain’t going to watch them again, wasting my precious time and money on such idiotically absurd stuff.

Pity, to say the least, that the innovative cinema that KJ promised is light years from becoming a reality. His startup venture, K2H2 was far far better than what his next two films have turned out to be. More so, KANK didn’t even seem to be a quality movie. For a start, who was the target audience? Was it the youngsters? Certainly not the family moviegoers with all its slapstick comedy and more importantly, its theme.

Plastic faces, characters made to fit the actors rather than the other way round, useless and aimless dance numbers, and a pathetic, pathetic storyline….these were a few (among many others) negatives from the film. Frankly, the story was no better than that of any B-Grade hindi novel available at any railway station.

And, what was all that rona-dhona about? Emotionless, thats what everything was. Even the actors crying on the screen seemed emotionless. Blurred, hazy and confused character sketches marked the whole movie. Rani’s character was the most unidentifiable one. I couldn’t just get what the hell did she want?

And SRK was, as stereotypical as ever. Now there is this increasing “sameness” in his recent performances. Whether he plays a lover boy, an army officer or an ex-football-player-turned-handicapped-husband, his acting is all the same…it has got that SRK touch in it. Dunno, some people like it, but someday or the other you are bound to get bored of it!

Preity was simply wasted. Nothing much to say…but the leading lights of the movie were the Bachchans. Both were playing new-ish roles and their character sketches were clearer than others. They delivered it almost perfectly.

And finally, everything said and done, what happened to the poor “bachcha” of SRK, who bore the brunt of his agony throughout the movie ? Nothing was done to him, or to his relationship with his father. Tell me, how can any father in the world be so cold towards his child?

Welcome to The Bollywood Escapism.


Written by timir

August 14, 2006 at 8:41 pm

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  1. bhacche toh bacche hi rahenge. go n watch king kong or dracula. srk ki movies ko samajhnaa bachchon ke bas ki baat nahi hai. go n watch don n u’ll get to see the difference.


    December 28, 2006 at 2:21 pm

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