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The “Rang De Basanti” Way

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Really commendable, the work done by Aamir Khan & Co. to eke out a film, which after a long time has irked the Indian psyche. The humorous antics of DJ, the sombre mood of Siddharth, the tomfoolery of Sukhi, all these things have really found a place in the hearts and minds of today’s youngsters, especially the student community.
But having said all that, the question that arises in most of out minds is “Is this the right way to transform a nation?”. A nation, which boasts of immense cultural diversity, and having a rich history of leaders who stuck to the path of non-violence for bringing in change? Is it really necessary in a so-called ‘democratic’ India to make a “dhamaaka” to make the deaf people listen?
We all may have different views on this subject. To begin with, all of us may think that whatever DJ & co. did was perfectly acceptable. “Someone has to take the mantle”, “It has to start somewhere”, “Someone has to make a big sacrifice, only then will it make any impact”: these thoughts emerge in our minds. But to tell you the truth, what they did was the easy way out. And more often than not, such acts are soon forgotten. It demands decades of sweat, blood and tears to transform a country, more so a country like India, with all its infinite diversities. Acts like these are likely to become oblivious in a matter of days. Moreover, such acts encourage terrorism. People will say that I am a moderate, but really, terrorism has become such a huge factor nowadays that we can’t just neglect it. Terrorism begets counter-terrorism, then politics begins to get involved and ultimately it becomes all messy and ugly – a perfect example being the Naxal rebellion of Bengal and Bihar. It has all gone haywire, with counter-naxal groups like Ranbir Sena involved in a bloody battle of pride and superiority.
It all boils down to the amount of patience and belief that we can show. And again, this has to be done collectively at a large scale, not by a single individual. When someone finds everything around him to be a part of a large, highly polluted system, it is natural for him to feel helpless. If everyone, right from the babus, to the police, to the bureaucrats, right up to the politicians are corrupt, then naturally there is nowhere to go for anyone. But I still believe that the Judiciary is one branch of administration that has not yet been taken in by the system. So that gives us a way to set things straight. That is, DJ & co., having appropriate evidence that the defence minister was corrupt, could have dragged him to court.
And whatever be the case, cutting the branches of a diseased plant is of no use, is it? A defence minister, like any other top-level authority, is like that branch on the top of the tree, which will grow up again on being cut. You kill a defence minister, his replacement is ready. The problem has to be tackled always from the roots. Cure the roots, and you cure the plant. And the “roots” here refers to the student community of India. Any candid observer of India politics would know that student politics is the stepping stone of all of the politicians of the future. This is where student awakening is important, and I think RDB did a wonderful job to instill that feeling in the students of India, but it is important that we take the right message out of it………


Written by timir

March 7, 2006 at 6:28 pm

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