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Where is God?

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This question has haunted the collective conscience of mankind for thousands of years. Not that I claim to know the answer, but I have some thoughts on this which have occurred time and again, and I cannot help expressing them. What is God? Or, for the people who prefer personification, Who is God? Is he a trident-weilding ascetic who resides on the heights of Kailash? Or is he a chakra-weilding prodigy who dwells in the depths of the milky ocean? Is she a ferocious savage woman who is garlanded by the heads of her enemies? Or is it a giant tortoise who is carrying the burden of the whole universe on its shoulders? Is it a man or a woman, living or inanimate, visible or invisible, finite or boundless? Or is it just a “power”, as most of the people believe in today’s world?

For me, God is one’s feeling of the knowledge of oneself.

God is the representation of a being’s never-ending quest for self-realization. The being can be both living and non-living. When a small baby cuddles up towards its mother, there is God in him. When 2 parts of Hydrogen and 1 part of Oxygen explosively react to give Water, there is God in the process. When a robber kills a man and takes away all his money, there is God in it, too!One might wonder, all this spiritualistic talk on God cannot mean that God is associated with something as bad as murder. But the truth is, that “right” and “wrong” are not absolute terms. Neither are “good” and “bad”. In fact, there cannot be anything which is absolute, that is, remains same in all situations and circumstances in this universe. You can say that that which is absolute in all situations is God.

So, what I want to convey is that God is in you, and God is in me, and God is in all the 1 billion people who live in this great country, and in all the 6 billion who live in the world.We just need to search for it in ourselves. The day we find it, well, you’ll see………………………


Written by timir

October 4, 2005 at 9:23 am

Posted in Random Thoughts

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